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Cloud Security console

08 May 2024


  • The Compliance Report has been improved and you can now choose between PDF or XLSX format.

  • Cloud Security now has a new compliance support for ISO27001 v2022. This can be accessed from Compliance > Compliance Standards > Select a standard.

  • The Azure onboarding process has been optimized to improve the overall user experience.

25 April 2024


  • Access to the Cloud Security console is now conditioned by the user rights assigned to your GravityZone user account.

  • Resource Utilization page now includes the latest billable resource count.

11 March 2024


  • The GDPR Compliance Standard is now available for AWS, GCP and Azure cloud accounts.

06 March 2024

Release date: 2024.03.06

Initial release

Cloud Security is now available through the GravityZone console for all users with a CSPM+ license.

With Cloud Security you can quickly onboard your cloud inventory, identify risky misconfigurations, and report on your adherence to renowned compliance frameworks.The initial release includes the following features:

  • Overview

  • Posture Management

  • Compliance

  • Asset Inventory

  • Configuration