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Managing user accounts

You can create, edit and delete user accounts individually from the Accounts page in the Control Center.

Create a user account

Before creating a user account, make sure you have the required email address at hand. This address is mandatory for creating a GravityZone user account. Users will receive their GravityZone login details at the supplied email address. Users will also use the email address to log in to GravityZone.

To add a user account in Control Center:

  1. Log in to the GravityZone console.

  2. Go to the Accounts page from the left side menu.

  3. Click the Add account button in the upper left side of the page.

    A configuration window will be displayed.

  4. Under the Details section, fill in the following details:

    • Email - the user's email address used to log in to Control Center.


      The email address must be unique.

      Reports and important security notifications are sent to this address. Email notifications are sent automatically whenever important risk conditions are detected in the network.

    • Full name - the full name of the account owner.

    • Timezone - select the timezone of the account. The console will display time information according to the selected timezone.

    • Language - select the console display language.

  5. Configure the policy settings under the Login Security section:

    • Set maximum password age to 90 days - enable or disable the password expiration policy.

      When enabled, the password associated to the account expires 90 days after it is created. The user needs to change the password before this time passes, or they will be locked out of GravityZone.

    • Lockout accounts after 5 login attempts with invalid passwords - when enabled, locks the account after 5 login attempts are made using an incorrect password.



    If an account is locked, the user will have to reset their password. Alternatively, this action can also be taken by an administrator.

  6. Under the Role privileges section, configure the following settings:

    • Role - select the role you want to assign to the user. The role determines what rights the user will have.


      For more information on user roles, refer to User Roles.

    • Rights - select what rights you want the user to have.

      Each user role has a predefined configuration of rights. You can assign the user a specific combination of rights by selecting Custom under Role.


      For more information on user rights, refer to User rights.

  7. Under Select targets, select the network groups the user will have access to. You can restrict user access to specific network areas.

  8. Click Create to add the user.


    The password for each user account is automatically generated once the account has been created, and sent to the user's email address along with the other account details.

    You can change the password after the account has been created. Click the account name in the Accounts page to edit its password. Once the password has been modified, the user is immediately notified via email.

    Users can change their login password from Control Center, accessing the My account page.

The new account will appear in the user accounts list.


Editing a user account

To edit user account in Control Center :

  1. Log in to Control Center.

  2. Go to the Accounts page from the left side menu.

  3. Click the Full name.

  4. Change user account details and settings as needed.


    Under Login Security, you can view the status of the two-factor authentication (2FA) setting. This option is either enforced company-wide , or the users can set it themselves.

  5. Click Save to apply the changes.


    All accounts with the Manage Users right can create, edit and delete other user accounts. You can only manage accounts with equal or fewer privileges as your own account.

    Accounts created using AD integration can not delete or edit accounts created from GravityZone.

Deleting a user account

  1. Log in to Control Center.

  2. Go to the Accounts page from the left side menu.

  3. Select the user account from the list.

  4. Click the Delete button at the upper side of the table.

  5. Click Delete to confirm.