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Using the command line tool

Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools for Mac allows you to perform certain tasks by using a command line tool named productConfigurationTool. Specifically, you can retrieve information about the product status and run quick and full system scans.

To use productConfigurationTool, follow these steps:

  1. Open Terminal on your computer.

  2. Change the working directory by using the following command:

    cd /Library/Bitdefender/AVP/product/bin/
  3. Run supported commands with administrator privileges (command sudo).

    The command format is sudo ./productConfigurationTool -authToken password command


    For details on the authToken parameter, the required password and supported commands, refer to the sections below in this article.

The authToken parameter

This parameter helps you to prevent unauthorized usage of productConfigurationTool. It must be included each time you execute a command.


As a temporary measure, the authToken parameter requires a password that you can obtain by contacting Bitdefender Business Support.

Supported commands


Retrieves information about:

  • Antimalware module status (enabled or disabled).

  • Antimalware signatures version.

  • Product version.

  • The time of the last update.

How to use it:

sudo ./productConfigurationTool	-authToken password -asksForStatus

Example of output in case of success:

					"error" : 0,
					"stdout" : {
					"avEnabled" : "YES",
					"avSignaturesVersion" : "69440",
					"productVersion" : "",
					"lastUpdateTime" : 1507185205

Example of output in case of fail:

"error" : 100

Starts a scanning task, providing after completion details about the process: total scanned items, scan duration, log path and whether infections occurred or not.

  • Quick Scan (ID: da29f7c8-23b1-4974-8d11-209959ac694b) – this task is configured for basic security and low usage of the resources. The main scanning targets are running processes and some vulnerable locations. Only one instance of this task can be running at a specific time.

    How to perform a quick scan:

    sudo ./productConfigurationTool -authToken password -asksForAScanToRun
  • Full Scan (ID: dcf483c4-26d0-4e6f-ba28-6a53a00adae1) – this task is configured for maximum protection against any type of malware. Only one instance can be running at a specific time.

    How to perform a full scan:

    sudo ./productConfigurationTool -authToken password -asksForAScanToRundcf483c4-26d0-4e6f-ba28-6a53a00adae1

This command is followed by an identifier predefined for each scanning task type:

Example of output in case of success after executing the asksForAScanToRun command:

					"error" : 0,
					"stdout" : {
					"scanDuration" : 13,
					"logfilepath" : "\/Library\/Application Support\
						  /Antivirus for Mac\/Logs\
					"totalScanned" : 6158,
					"infection" : "NO"

Example of output in case of fail:

"error" : 95


  • You cannot run a custom scan by using productConfigurationTool.

  • Some scanning tasks may take a long time to finish. For example, a full scan may run for more than 20 minutes.

Error codes




The productConfigurationTool parameters are not correct.


The tool is not running with administrator privileges.


/Library/Bitdefender/AVP/enterprise/epsdk.dylib was not found. Update the product.


Failed to load f_EPSDK_GetInstance and f_EPSDK_ReleaseInstancetype functions from the library. Update the product.


The .json response lacks some expected fields or it has a different format than expected. Update the product.


A certain query requires events to get all relevant data, but not all events are caught. Update the product. If this error persists, contact Bitdefender Business Support.


/Library/Bitdefender/AVP/ was not found or CFBundleVersion was not found in the .plist file. Update the product.


productConfigurationTool is not supported on this version of Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools. Update the product.


The supplied authToken password does not match the expected value.


The command has been executed successfully.