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Configure Google Workspace to bypass GravityZone Security for Email for internal mail

Follow these procedure to integrate GravityZone Security for Email with Google Workspace Gmail, for inbound and outbound email delivery.:

  1. Login to the Google Workspace Admin Console with an administrators account.

  2. Click on the Menu button google_workspace_dots.PNG.

  3. Select Admin > Apps > Google Workpace.

  4. Click on GMail to take you to Settings for Gmail.

  5. Click on Hosts section.

  6. Click on the Add Route button.

  7. Give the route a Name like “Google Internal”.

  8. In the Specify Email server select Multiple hosts.

  9. Add a primary entry for each of the GMail Servers listed below:
  10. Click Save.

  11. Go to the General setting tab and scroll to the Routing setting in the Routing section.

  12. Click on Add Another for Routing. This will open up a new Add setting option.

  13. Enter a name like Internal Route.

  14. Select the checkbox for Internal – Sending  in Messages to affect.

  15. Select only affect specific envelope recipients and define a REGEX for your internal domain.



    For multiple domains you can add them into the regex in this format:

  16. Select Change route in For the above types of messages, to do the following.

  17. Change the Normal routing to the one created above.

  18. Click on Show Options at the bottom of this page and Select Users and Groups” under Account types to affect:

  19. Click the Add Setting button, then click Save.

  20. At the bottom of the Advanced Settings page, click Save.


Now all internal mail is routed directly to Google servers, and all other mail routes through the GravityZone Security for Email Outbound Gateway.