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This method gets the push event statistics and errors.

The configuration error occurs when the HTTP collector does not use an SSL certificate, or the setPushEventSettings method is not using an authorization header generated by the HTTP collector. You must meet these prerequisites to successfully use Event Push Service.


Event Push Service automatically stops in the following scenarios:

  • The field errorMessages can count only 100 messages that are not sent via Event Push Service due to communication errors. Once the counter exceeds 100 such events, Event Push Service will automatically stop sending events, and it will reset serviceSettings.status field from getPushEventsSettings method to 0.

  • A specific time (10800 seconds) passes since the last error was received without another valid status (HTTP 200 OK).

In both situations, you have to reactivate the Event Push Service using a new setPushEventSettings API call.


No input parameters are required.

Return value

This method returns an Object containing the push event statistics.



       "params": {},
       "jsonrpc": "2.0",
       "method": "getPushEventStats",
       "id": "ad12cb61-52b3-4209-a87a-93a8530d91cb"


      "result": {
          "count": {
              "events": 6945,
              "testEvents": 8,
              "sentMessages": 8,
              "errorMessages": 0
          "error": {
              "configurationError": 0,
              "connectionError": 0,
              "serviceError": 0,
              "statusCode2xx": 0,
              "statusCode300": 0,
              "statusCode400": 0,
              "statusCode500": 0,
              "timeout": 0,
              "serviceError": 0
         "lastUpdateTime": "2017-10-13T18:45:28"