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Install Security Server through Control Center

Security Server is a dedicated virtual machine that de-duplicates and centralizes most of the antimalware functionality of antimalware clients, acting as a scan server.

You must install Security Server on one or more hosts so as to accommodate the number of virtual machines to be protected.

You must consider the number of protected virtual machines, resources available for Security Server on hosts, as well as network connectivity between Security Server and protected virtual machines.

The security agent installed on virtual machines connects to Security Server over TCP/IP, using details configured at installation or via a policy.

Download Security Server installation packages

To download Security Server installation packages:

  1. Go to the Network > Installation Packages page from the left side menu in GravityZone Control Center.

  2. Select the Default Security Server Package.

  3. Click the download.png Download button at the upper side of the table and choose the package type from the menu.

  4. Save the selected package to the desired location.

Deploy Security Server installation packages

Once you have the installation package, deploy it to the host using your preferred virtual machine deployment tool.

After deployment, set up the Security Server as follows: