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The Quarantine API contains the following methods allowing the management of quarantined items.

  • getQuarantineItemsList: retrieves the list of available quarantined items related to a company.

  • createRemoveQuarantineItemTask: creates a task to remove quarantined items.

  • createEmptyQuarantineTask: creates a task to empty the quarantined items list.

  • createRestoreQuarantineItemTask: creates a task to restore quarantined items.

  • createRestoreQuarantineExchangeItemTask: creates a task to restore exchange quarantined items.

  • createAddFileToQuarantineTask: creates a task to quarantine a file based on its path.

API URL for version 1.0: CONTROL_CENTER_APIs_ACCESS_URL/v1.0/jsonrpc/quarantine. This is the default version and is available for all Incidents API methods.

API URL for version 1.1: CONTROL_CENTER_APIs_ACCESS_URL/v1.1/jsonrpc/quarantine. This version is available for the following methods:

  • createAddFileToQuarantineTask

  • createRestoreQuarantineExchangeItemTask

  • createRestoreQuarantineItemTask

  • createEmptyQuarantineTask

  • createRemoveQuarantineItemTask