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This method exposes the monthly usage for a company in a target month. Returns only usage from endpoints with the default product type - Endpoint Security. If usage from other product types is needed, refer to the getMonthlyUsagePerProductType method.









The month for which the usage is returned. It should have the following format: mm/yyyy. The default value is the current month.

Return value

This method returns an Object containing the number of license seats used during the specified month, for each acquired service, or 0 if the queried company does not have a monthly license:

  • endpointMonthlyUsage - the monthly usage for endpoints scanned with local engines.

  • emailSecurityMonthlyUsage - the monthly usage for Email Security mailboxes.

  • exchangeMonthlyUsage - the monthly usage for Exchange mailboxes.

  • encryptionMonthlyUsage - the monthly usage for the encryption module.

  • atsMonthlyUsage - the monthly usage for the sandboxAnalyzer and hyperDetect modules.

  • edrMonthlyUsage - the monthly usage for the EDR module.

  • mdrFoundationsMonthlyUsage - the monthly usage for MDR Foundationsservice.

  • mdrResponseMonthlyUsage - the monthly usage for MDR Response service.

  • patchManagementMonthlyUsage - the monthly usage for the patch management module.

  • containerProtectionMonthlyUsage - the monthly usage for container protection module.

  • integrityMonitoringUsage - the total number of endpoints that make use of Integrity Monitoring.

  • integrityMonitoring90DaysUsage - the number of endpoints that make use of Integrity Monitoring with 90 days event retention.

  • integrityMonitoring180DaysUsage - the number of endpoints that make use of Integrity Monitoring with 180 days event retention.

  • integrityMonitoring1YearUsage - the number of endpoints that make use of Integrity Monitoring with 1 year event retention.

  • xdrIdentitySensorsMonthlyUsage, the monthly usage of Azure AD and Active Directory integration in Sensors Management.

  • xdrProductivitySensorsMonthlyUsage, the monthly usage of Office 365 integration in Sensors Management.

  • xdrNetworkSensorsMonthlyUsage, the monthly usage of Network Sensor integration in Sensors Management.

  • xdrCloudSensorsMonthlyUsage, the monthly usage of AWS integration in Sensors Management.

  • sveVsMonthlyUsage - the monthly usage for virtual servers scanned with Security Server.

  • sveVdiMonthlyUsage - the monthly service usage (in hours) for virtual desktops scanned with Security Server.

  • minimumUsage - An Object containing types of licenses and the minimum number of slots which the company commits through legal agreement to use on a monthly basis:

    • endpointMonthlyUsage, the minimum number of endpoints that the client agreed to use from the main license.



       "params": {
           "targetMonth": "03/2015",
       },       "jsonrpc": "2.0",
       "method": "getMonthlyUsage", 
       "id": "5087eab8-b74f-4a3e-85b3-4271e85890d4"


      "id": "           5087eab8-b74f-4a3e-85b3-4271e85890d4",
      "result": {
           "endpointMonthlyUsage": 101,
           "emailSecurityMonthlyUsage": 162,
           "exchangeMonthlyUsage": 15,
           "encryptionMonthlyUsage": 69,
           "atsMonthlyUsage": 25,
           "edrMonthlyUsage": 14,
           "mdrFoundationsMonthlyUsage": 14,
           "mdrResponseMonthlyUsage": 0,
           "patchManagementMonthlyUsage": 28,
           "containerProtectionMonthlyUsage": 12,
           "integrityMonitoringUsage": 12,
           "integrityMonitoring90DaysUsage": 2,
           "integrityMonitoring180DaysUsage": 3,
           "integrityMonitoring1YearUsage": 4,
           "xdrIdentitySensorsMonthlyUsage": 0,      
           "xdrProductivitySensorsMonthlyUsage": 2,  
           "xdrNetworkSensorsMonthlyUsage": 1,  
           "xdrCloudSensorsMonthlyUsage": 0,
           "sveVsMonthlyUsage": 5,
           "sveVdiMonthlyUsage": 30,
           "minimumUsage": {
               "endpointMonthlyUsage": 25