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Blocking emails from spoofed senders in GravityZone

This section explains how to block emails from spoofed senders in GravityZone.

The Antispoofing filter in GravityZone prevents spammers from spoofing the sender's email address and making the email appear as being sent by someone trusted.

You can specify the IP addresses authorized to send email for your email domains and, if needed, for other known email domains. If an email appears to be from a listed domain, but the sender's IP address does not match one of the specified IP addresses, Bitdefender rejects the email.

To block emails from spoofed senders in GravityZone, follow the steps bellow:

  1. In the policy settings, go to the Exchange Protection > General > Settings and make sure you have Domain IP Check (Antispoofing) selected and the company domain added together with IP addresses authorized to send emails for that domain.

  2. Check if the sender email address of the spam message was previously added in the whitelist (Exchange Protection > Antispam > Whitelist) because even after configuring the rule for Domain IP check correctly, the authenticated samples will pass this rule (Domain IP check does not work for authenticated emails).

  3. Enable the option Check authenticated connections for the Antispam module so that the authenticated emails to be scanned (Exchange Protection > Antispam > Default rule > Check authenticated connections).