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Getting started

The Getting started section will provide you with information on how to first connect to the GravityZone platform.

Take your first steps in using your GravityZone product by exploring the onboarding guide, and discover step-by-step feature specific deployment guides for configuring your features in order to optimize your security approach.

GravityZone features can be configured and managed via a centralized management platform named Control Center. Control Center has a web-based interface, which you can access by means of username and password.

You can find the following information in this chapter:

  • A general presentation of GravityZone architecture.

  • A general deployment guide, providing you with the steps required to install the basic features included in the core protection provided by every product.

  • A list of articles for each feature provided by Bitdefender, that includes the following information:

    • A basic description of the feature and how it works.

    • A deployment guide.

    • Steps on how to test the feature on your environment.