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Content Control

The Content Control module helps enforce company policies for allowed traffic, web access, data protection and applications control. Administrators can define traffic scan options and exclusions, schedule web access while blocking or allowing certain web categories or URLs, configure data protection rules and define permissions for the use of specific applications.


Content Control uses the following components:

  • GravityZone Control Center

  • Security agent (Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools installed on Windows & Mac endpoints)

Install and configure Content Control

Test out the Content Control feature

Content control has three main components:

  • Web Access Control - This feature allows you to block access to specific types of websites on your devices either between certain hours or permanently.

  • Application Blacklisting - You can use this feature to completely block or restrict users' access to applications on all endpoints where the policy is assigned. You can block games, media and messaging software, as well as other categories of software and malware.

  • Data Protection - Data Protection allows you to set up filters for web pages and outgoing emails that search for specific sensitive information: names, card numbers, addresses, and more.