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The unique architecture of GravityZone allows the solution to scale with ease and secure any number of systems. GravityZone can be configured to use multiple virtual appliances and multiple instances of specific roles (Database, Communication Server, Update Server and Web Console) to ensure reliability and scalability.

Each role instance can be installed on a different appliance. Built-in role balancers ensure that the GravityZone deployment protects even the largest corporate networks without causing slowdowns or bottlenecks. Existing load balancing software or hardware can also be used instead of the built-in balancers, if present in the network.

Delivered in a virtual container, GravityZone can be imported to run on any virtualization platform, including VMware, Citrix, Microsoft Hyper-V, Nutanix Prism, and Microsoft Azure.

Integration with VMware vCenter, Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Active Directory, Nutanix Prism Element, and Microsoft Azure reduces the effort of deploying protection for physical and for virtual endpoints.

The GravityZone solution includes the following:

Common components:

  • GravityZone virtual appliance

  • Web console (Control Center)

  • Security Server

  • Security agents

Feature architecture: