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Increase the GravityZone disk size

If your disk runs out of space, you can extend it by using the Logical Volume Manager (LVM). You can check if LVM is installed by using the lvdisplay shell command.

To increase the GravityZone disk size you must:

  1. Create a snapshot of the GravityZone Virtual Appliance.

  2. Shut down the virtual appliance and add the new hard drive.

  3. Turn on the machine.

  4. Determine the name of the newly added disk, by using one of the following commands:

    dmesg -T | grep


  5. Use the lvdisplay command to identify the Logical Volume Path and Volume Group Name you want to extend.

  6. Run the following commands to increase the disk size:

    sudo su
    pvcreate /dev/[disk_name]
    vgextend [volume_group_name] /dev/[disk_name]
    lvextend -l +100%FREE /[logical_volume_path]
    resize2fs [logical_volume_path]