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Configuring notification settings

The type of notifications to be sent and the email addresses they are sent to can be configured for each user.

To configure the notification settings:

  1. Click the bell icon button gz_notifications_bell_icon_48451_c_p_op_en.png at the right side of the menu bar to expand the Notifications panel.

  2. Click See all notifications. A table containing all the notifications is displayed.

  3. Click the configure.pngConfigure button at the upper side of the table. The Notification Settings window is displayed.



    You can also access the Notification Settings window directly using the configure2.pngConfigure icon from upper-right corner of the Notification area window.

  4. Under Configuration section you can define the following settings:

    • Automatically delete notifications after a certain period of time. Set any number you want between 0 and 365 in the Delete notifications after (days) field.

    • Select the Enable refresh notifications check box if you want the notifications area to automatically update every 60 seconds.

    • Additionally, you may send the notifications by email to specific recipients. Type the email addresses in the dedicated field, pressing Enter key after each address.

  5. Under Enable Notification section you can choose the type of notifications you want to receive from GravityZone. You can also configure the visibility and sending options individually for each notification type.

    Select the notification type that you want from the list. For more information, refer to Notifications Types. While a notification type is selected, you can configure its specific options (when available) in the right-side area:

    • Show in Control Center specifies that this type of event is displayed in Control Center, with the help of gz_notifications_bell_icon_48451_c_p_op_en.pngNotifications button.

    • Log to server specifies that this type of event is also sent to the syslog file, in the case when a syslog is configured.

      To learn about how to configure Syslog servers, refer to Configure Control Center settings.

    • Send per email specifies that this type of event is also sent to certain email addresses. In this case, you are required to enter the email addresses in the dedicated field, pressing Enter after each address. Additionally, for several notifications, you can customize the email subject by selecting the Set custom email subject check box and typing in the subject.

    • Use custom threshold - allows defining a threshold for the occurred events, from which the selected notification is being sent.

      For example, the Malware Outbreak notification is sent by default to users that have at least 5% of all their managed network objects infected by the same malware. To change the malware outbreak threshold value, enable the option Use Custom Threshold, then enter the value that you want in the Malware Outbreak Threshold field.

    • For Database Backup notification, you can choose to be notified only when a database backup has failed. Leave this option unchecked if you want to be notified of all database backup-related events.

    • For Task Status, you can select the status type that will trigger this type of notification:

      • Any status - notifies each time a task sent from Control Center is done with any status.

      • Failed only - notifies each time a task sent from Control Center has failed.

  6. Click Save.