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Nutanix Prism Element

Integrate with Nutanix Prism Element

You can integrate GravityZone with one or multiple Nutanix Prism Element clusters, whether they are registered to Nutanix Prism Central or not.

To set up integration with Nutanix Prism Element follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Configuration page from the left side menu in Control Center and click the Virtualization Providers tab.

  2. Click the add.png Add button at the upper side of the table and choose Nutanix Prism Element from the menu. A configuration window will appear.

  3. Specify the Nutanix Prism Element details:

    • Name of the Nutanix Prism Element in the Control Center.

    • The IP address of a Controller Virtual Machine (CVM) from the Nutanix Prism Element cluster or the IP address of the Cluster Virtual IP.

    • Nutanix Prism Element port (the default is 9440).

  4. Specify the credentials that are going to be used to authenticate with Nutanix Prism Element.


    The user whose credentials you provide must have Cluster Admin or User Admin privileges in Nutanix Prism Element.

  5. Restrict policy assignment from the network view. Use this option to control the network administrators’ permission to change the virtual machines policies via the Computers and Virtual Machines view in the Network page. When this option is selected, administrators can change the virtual machines policies only from the Virtual Machines view of the network inventory.

  6. Click Save. You will be asked to accept the security certificates for Nutanix Prism. These certificates ensure a secure communication between GravityZone and Nutanix Prism Element, resolving the risk of man-in-the-middle attacks.

    You can verify if the correct certificates were installed by checking the browser’s site information for each Nutanix Prism Element cluster or CVM against the certificate information displayed in Control Center.

  7. Select the check boxes to accept using the certificates.

  8. Click Save.

    If you entered a CVM IP to configure the integration, you will asked, in a new window, if you want to use the Cluster Virtual IP instead of the CVM IP:

    1. Click Yes to use the Cluster Virtual IP for integration. The Cluster Virtual IP will replace the CVM IP in the Nutanix Prism Element details.

    2. Click No to further use the CVM IP.


      As best practice, it is recommended to use the Cluster Virtual IP rather than the CVM IP. This way, the integration remains active even when a particular host becomes unavailable.

    3. In the Add Nutanix Prism Element window, click Save.

You will be able to view the Nutanix Prism Element in the active integrations list. Wait for a couple of minutes until the synchronization finishes.