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This method returns the notifications settings.









The ID of the account for which the notifications settings are retrieved. If not provided, the method will retrieve the notifications settings for the account which has generated the API key.

Return value

This method returns an Object containing the current notifications settings:

  • deleteAfter - the number of days after which generated notifications will be automatically deleted

  • includeDeviceName - a boolean that informs whether the device name will be included in the notification sent by email or not

  • includeDeviceFQDN - a boolean that informs whether the device FQDN will be included in the notification sent by email or not

  • emailAddresses - the list of additional email addresses to be used when sending notifications

  • notificationsSettings - the list containing the settings for all available notifications. Each entry in the list has the following fields:

    • type, the notification type,

    • enabled, True if the notification is enabled, False otherwise,

    • visibilitySettings, an object containing the configured visibility settings. For more information, refer to Notifications Visibility Options.

    • configurationSettings, notification specific configurations. For more information, refer to Relation Between Notification Type and configurationSettings.

    • sendOnlyPlainTextEmail, specifies whether notification emails should be sent in plain text only. Possible values: True to send emails in plain text, or False if you want to use HTML format.



       "params": {
           "accountId": "55896b87b7894d0f367b23c8"
       "jsonrpc": "2.0",
       "method": "getNotificationsSettings",
       "id": "5399c9b5-0b46-45e4-81aa-889952433d86"


    "params": {
		"accountId": "55896b87b7894d0f367b23c8",
		"deleteAfter": 17,
		"includeDeviceName": true,
		"includeDeviceFQDN": true,
		"emailAddresses": ["[email protected]"],
				"type" : 1,
				"enabled" : true,
				"visibilitySettings" : {
					"sendPerEmail" : true,
					"showInConsole" : true,
					"useCustomEmailDistribution": false
					"emails" : ["[email protected]"],
					"logToServer" : true
					"logToServer" : true,
					"setCustomEmailSubject": true,
					"emailSubject": "Malware Outbreak Custom"
				"configurationSettings" : {
					"threshold" : 15,
					"useThreshold" : true
		"sendOnlyPlainTextEmail": true
	"jsonrpc": "2.0",
	"method": "configureNotificationsSettings",
	"id": "5399c9b5-0b46-45e4-81aa-889952433d68"