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User roles

A user role consists in a specific combination of user rights. When creating a user account, you can choose one of the predefined roles or you can create a custom role, by selecting certain user rights only.


You can grant user accounts the same privileges as your account, or lesser.

The following user roles are available:

  • Company Administrator - Usually, a unique user account with Company Administrator role is created for each company, with full access to all management features of the GravityZone solutions.

    A company administrator has the following capabilities:

    • Configure the Control Center settings.

    • Manage the security services license keys.

    • Manage user accounts.

    • Configure the company's network security settings.

    Company administrators can share or delegate their operational responsibilities to subordinate administrator and security analyst user accounts.

  • Network Administrator - Network Administrators are responsible for actively managing the network security settings.

    Several accounts with Network Administrator role can be created for a company, with administrative privileges over the company's entire security agents deployment or over a specific group of endpoints, including user management.

  • Security Analyst - Read-only accounts that only allow access to security-related data, reports and logs.

    Such accounts can be allocated to personnel with security monitoring responsibilities or to other employees who must be kept up-to-date with security status.

  • Custom - Predefined user roles include a certain combination of user rights.

    If a predefined user role does not fit your needs, you can create a custom account by selecting only the rights that you are interested in.

The following table summarizes the relationships between different account roles and their rights. For detailed information, refer to User rights.

Account role

Allowed child accounts

User rights

Company Administrator

Company Administrators

Network Administrators

Security Analysts

Manage solution

Manage company

Manage users

Manage networks

View and analyze data

Network Administrator

Network Administrators

Security Analysts

Manage users

Manage networks

View and analyze data

Security Analysts


View and analyze data