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GravityZone license validation errors

This section explains how to troubleshoot GravityZone license validation issues.


Sometimes when you register your Bitdefender license key in GravityZone Control Center, you may encounter the following error messages:

  • No connection to the licensing server.

  • The license is invalid.


In these situations, ensure that:

  • The connectivity to Bitdefender Licensing Server is working properly.

    Make sure that your border firewall allows the connectivity to the following address and whitelist it if possible:

    To check the connectivity:

    1. Open a SSH connection from your GravityZone appliance.

    2. Log in with the username: bdadmin and the password that you have set.

    3. Type the commands below to install telnet and check the connectivity:

      sudo apt install telnet

      telnet 443

      If the connection is successful, the result will be similar to:



    If these errors occur when you replace an old license key with a new one, make sure that GravityZone is updated to the latest version.

If the registration process still fails, contact the Bitdefender Enterprise Support team attaching a set of advanced logs to your support ticket.