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Amazon EC2

Integrate with Amazon EC2

You can integrate GravityZone with your Amazon EC2 inventory and protect your EC2 instances hosted in the Amazon cloud.


  • The access and secret keys of a valid AWS account

  • The AWS account must have the following permissions:

    • IAMReadOnlyAccess

    • AmazonEC2ReadOnly for all AWS regions

You can create several Amazon EC2 integrations. For each integration, you need to provide a valid AWS user account.


It is not possible to add multiple integrations using the credentials of IAM roles created for the same AWS account.

To set up integration with Amazon EC2 follow these steps:

  1. In Control Center go to the Configuration > Virtualization Providers page from the left side menu.

  2. Click the add.png Add button at the upper side of the table and select the Amazon EC2 Integration from the menu. A configuration window is displayed.

  3. Specify the Amazon EC2 integration details:

    • The integration name. When adding several Amazon EC2 integrations, you can identify them by name.

    • The access and secret keys of the AWS user account.

  4. Restrict policy assignment from the network view. Use this option to control the network administrators permission to change the virtual machines policies in the Computers and Virtual Machines view, in the Network page. When this option is enabled, administrators can change the virtual machines policies only from the Virtual Machines view of the network inventory.

  5. Click Save. The integration is going to be added to the grid if the provided credentials are valid.

Wait a few moments while GravityZone synchronizes with the Amazon EC2 inventory.