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Product Trials FAQ

How can I get a license key after trying out a product?

After the trial period, contact your Bitdefender Partner and ask for a license key or go to our website.

Will the trial affect my subscription end date?

No. The end date of your subscription will remain the same.

Are there any changes in the terms of use and privacy policy that apply during the trial?

No, all relevant information can be found under our terms of use (EULA) and Privacy Policy help pages.

I have less than 35 days left on my subscription. Can I still use the Product Trial feature?

Normally the feature is not available in this situation. However, if you would still like to enroll, contact enterprise support and request them to activate the trial for your company.

What happens after I enroll in a trial?

New features will be made available instantly, however, some features will require you to configure policies or install modules. You can find instructions on all available trials under Product Trials Hub.Product Trials Hub

My trial has ended. Can I start another trial immediately?

Usually there is a 6 months cooldown period before being able to start another trial. However if you would still like to enroll, contact enterprise support.