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Authentication fails when creating first Company Administrator account


When creating the first Company Administrator account, you may receive the Authentication failed error message.


To solve the issue, check if you are using the latest GravityZone version:

  1. Go to the Configuration > Update > GravityZone Roles page.

  2. Under the Current Status section, check the following information:

    1. Look over the message that shows the general status of your deployment. If GravityZone needs updating, the Update button will be available.

    2. Look at the version of the appliances in the Infrastructure grid. It must match the latest version in the changelog. You can find the link to the changelog in the Current Status section.

  3. If you are not using the latest version, download the latest one from here  and then install it once more.

Should the above steps not resolve the issue, contact the Bitdefender Enterprise Support Team attaching full logs.