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User accounts

You can create the first GravityZone user account during the initial Control Center setup, after deploying the GravityZone appliance. The initial Control Center user account has company administrator role, with full rights over Control Center configuration and network management. From this account you can create all the other user accounts required for the management of your company's network.

This is what you need to know about GravityZone user accounts:

  • To allow other employees of the company to access Control Center, you can create internal user accounts, through Active Directory integration, or enable dynamic access for security groups in the Access Permissions page. You can assign user accounts with different roles, according to their access level in the company.

  • For each user account, you can customize the access to GravityZone features or to specific parts of the network it belongs to.

  • You can only manage accounts with equal or lesser privileges than your account type.

  • You can create and manage user accounts in the Accounts page.

    User accounts

    Existing accounts are displayed in the table. For each user account, you can view:

    • The username of the account (used to log in to Control Center).

    • Email address of the account (used as a contact address). Reports and important security notifications are sent to this address. Email notifications are sent automatically whenever important risk conditions are detected in the network.

    • User role (company administrator / network administrator / security analyst / custom).

    • GravityZone security services the user is allowed to manage (Computers, Virtual Machines, Mobile Devices).

    • 2FA (two-factor authentication) status, which allows to quickly check if the user has enabled the two factor authentication.

    • Password expiration status, which allows to view if the user has the password expiration enabled.

    • Account lockout status, which allows to view if the user has the account lockout enabled for his account.

    • Access Rule status, indicates a user account created through an access permission rule. Manually created user accounts will display N/A.