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Increase vCPU number after the GravityZone import

After importing the GravityZone image in an ESXi, in "machine_name".vmx from the ESXi, virtualHW.version is set to 7 (virtualHW.version = "7"), reason why it is not possible to use more than 8 vCPUs.

In order to be able to use more than 8 vCPUS, virtualHW.version must be set to 8: virtualHW.version = "8".

  1. Copy the machine_name.vmx from the machine_name folder within the ESXi data store.

  2. Modify from virtualHW.version = "7" to virtualHW.version = "8".

  3. Right click on the machine from vSphere Client and Remove from Inventory.

  4. Copy and replace the machine_name.vmx within the ESXi data store.

  5. Right click on the machine_name.vmx file from the data store and Add to Inventory.

From Edit Settings the number of vCPUs can now be raised to 32.