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Taking report-based actions

While most reports only highlight the issues in your network, some of them also offer you several options to fix the issues found with just one click of a button.

To fix the issues displayed in the report, click the appropriate button from the Action Toolbar above the data table.


You need Manage Network rights to perform these actions.

These are the available options for each report:

  • Blocked Applications

    Add exclusion:

    • To policies. Adds an exclusion to one or more policies to prevent the protection modules from blocking the application again.

    • To lists. Adds an exclusion to one or more lists created in the Configuration Profiles section. You can add exclusions to lists only for processes blocked by the Antimalware and Advanced Anti-Exploit modules.

    Add rule. Defines a rule for an application or a process in Application Control.

  • Malware Status

    Scan infected targets. Runs a preconfigured Full Scan task on the targets showing as still infected.

  • Update Status

    Update. Updates the target clients to their latest available versions.

  • Upgrade Status

    Upgrade. Replaces old endpoint clients with the latest generation of products available.