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Uninstalling Security Containers

For container nodes

To remove a Security Container from a cluster follow the steps below:


This entry will remove all instances of Security Container on the designated cluster.

  1. Go to your Kubernetes environment.

  2. Use the below entry:

    For Kubernetes

    kubectl delete daemonset bitdefender-security-container -n bitdefender-security-container
    kubectl delete configmap bitdefender-security-container-config -n bitdefender-security-container

    For Helm

    helm uninstall bitdefender-security-container

For Linux hosts

To remove a Security Container from a Linux host follow the steps below:

  1. Display running containers on the current server:

    docker ps 
  2. Get the ID for the Security Container you want to remove.

  3. Stop the container:

    docker stop <container id>
  4. Remove the container:

    docker rm  <container id>
  5. Show images:

    docker images
  6. Get the ID of the Security Container image you wish to remove.

  7. Remove the image:

    docker rmi <image id>
  8. Remove the Security Container mapped folder:

    rm /mnt/data/<container hardware ID>


    In some cases you might need to remove all unused images. Use the below entry:

    docker system prune -a