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Attachment Filtering file types

The Content Control module offered by Security for Exchange can filter email attachments based on the file type. The types available in Control Center include the following file extensions:

  • Executable files

    386; acm; ax; com; cpl; dll; drv; exe; flt; fon; lrc; ocx; scr; sys; vxd; x32

  • Images

    bmp; cal; dcx; drw; ds4; eps; gif; gx2; ico; img; jfif; jpe; jpeg; jpg; pat; pcx; pgm; png; psd; psp; rgb; sdr; sh3; shw; sym; tif; tiff; wpg

  • Multimedia

    3g2; 3gg; asf; au; avi; mid; mmf; mov; mp3; mpeg; mpg; ogg; qt; ra; ram; rm; swf; wav; wpl

  • Archives

    7z; ain; arc; arj; bz; bz2; cab; cpio; cru; crush; gz; hap; img; jar; lha; lzh; pak; ppz; rar; rpm; sit; snp; tar; tar.z; tb2; tbz2; tgz; ufa; z; zip; zoo

  • Spreadsheets

    fm3; ods; wk1; wk3; wks; xls; xlsx

  • Presentations

    odp; pps; ppt; pptx

  • Documents

    doc; docx; dtd; htm; html; odt; pcx; pdf; qxd; rtf; wks; wpf; ws; ws2; xml