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Roles installation issues

This section provides more details about how to troubleshoot roles installation.


GravityZone appliance can run one, several or all of the following roles:

  • Database Server

  • Update Server

  • Web Console

  • Communication Server

The GravityZone virtual appliance is available for download here.

A GravityZone deployment requires running at least one instance of the above listed roles. Depending on GravityZone roles distribution, you will run one to four GravityZone appliances (or even more when Role Balancers are being used).

You can install multiple instances of the Communication Server role or Web Server role and connect them to other roles via Role Balancers. The built-in Role Balancer cannot be installed together with other roles on the same GravityZone appliance. If you already have third party balancing software or hardware within your network, you can choose to use them instead of the built-in balancers.

GravityZone roles are installed through the CLI using the option 5 Install/Modify roles.

Database Server and Update Server packages are stored by default on the virtual appliance. You can install them without Internet connectivity.


If the roles installation fails, check the following:

  1. Internet connectivity to server using ping or wget commands.

  2. Your border firewall allows connectivity to and does not block the .deb files.

  3. Check GravityZone proxy settings configuration (if needed). The connectivity to through a proxy can be checked with the following commands:

    • Proxy with authentication:

      wget -e use-proxy=yes -e http-proxy=http://username:password@PROXY-IP:PROXY-port

    • Proxy without authentication:

      wget -e use-proxy=yes -e http-proxy=http://PROXY-IP:PROXY-port

The troubleshooting log for roles installation is located under: opt/Bitdefender/var/log/installer.log

For further investigations, get the installer.log file from GravityZone machine and send it to Bitdefender Enterprise Support team.