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Manage your account

To check or change your account details and settings:

  1. Click your username in the upper-right corner of the console and choose My Account.

  2. Under Account Details, correct or update your account details.

    If you use an Active Directory user account, you cannot change account details.

    • Username

      The username is the unique identifier of a user account and cannot be changed.

    • Full name

      Enter your full name.

    • Email

      This is your login and contact email address. Reports and important security notifications are sent to this address. Email notifications are sent automatically whenever important risk conditions are detected in the network.

    • A Change password link allows you to change your login password.

  3. Under Settings, configure the account settings according to your preferences.

    • Timezone - Choose from the menu the timezone of your account. The console will display time information according to the selected timezone.

    • Language - Choose from the menu the console display language. Available languages:

      • English

      • Spanish

      • German

      • French

      • Romanian

      • Polish

      • Portuguese

      • Italian

      • Russian

      • Czech

      • Chinese

      • Vietnamese

      • Turkish

      • Korean

      • Japanese

    • Session Timeout - Select the inactivity time interval before your user session will expire.

  4. Under Login Security, configure two-factor authentication and check the status of the policies available to secure your GravityZone account. Company-wide set policies are read-only.

    • Two-factor authentication. The two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your GravityZone account, by requiring an authentication code in addition to your Control Center credentials.

      When first logging in to your GravityZone account you will be prompted to download and install either Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, or any two-factor TOTP (Time-Based One-Time Password Algorithm) authenticator app - compatible with the standard RFC6238 - on a mobile phone or another device such as a computer.

      After the installation is complete, link it to your GravityZone account, then use it with each Control Center login. The authentication app generates a six-digit code each 30 seconds. To complete the Control Center login, after entering the password, you will need to provide the six-digit code.

    To enable the two-factor authentication:

    1. Go to My account > Two-factor authentication and click Enable.

    2. A dialog box opens. Click the appropriate link to download and install Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, or any two-factor TOTP (Time-Based One-Time Password Algorithm) authenticator on your mobile phone or another device, such as a computer.

    3. On your device, open the authentication app.

    4. In the Add an account screen, scan the QR code to link the app to your GravityZone account. You can also enter the secret key (you can copy and paste it if you use a computer).

      This action is required only once, to enable the feature in GravityZone.


      Make sure to copy and save the secret key in a safe location. Click Print a backup to create a PDF file with the QR code and secret key. If the device used for activating two-factor authentication is lost or replaced, you will need to install Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, or any two-factor TOTP (Time-Based One-Time Password Algorithm) authenticator - compatible with the standard RFC6238, on a new device and provide the secret key to link it to your GravityZone account.

    5. Enter the six-digit code in the Authentication code field.

    6. Click Enable to complete the feature activation.



    Your Company Administrator may turn two-factor authentication mandatory for all GravityZone accounts. In this case, you will be asked at login to configure your 2FA. At the same time, you will not be able to deactivate 2FA for your account as long as this feature is enforced by your Company Administrator.

    Be aware that, if the currently configured 2FA is disabled for your account, this secret key will no longer be valid.

    After you enabled 2FA and logged again in to Control Center, you can revoke the trust for the browsers used to access GravityZone. You can either revoke the trust for all browsers on all computers, or revoke only the current browser.

    At this stage you can also disable 2FA if the this login method is not mandatory for your account. To disable 2FA you need to provide your GravityZone username and the six-digit code from the authentication app.

  5. Click Save to apply the changes.


You cannot delete your own account.