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The Reports API includes several methods allowing the reports management:

  • createReport: creates a new instant or scheduled report and returns the ID of the newly-created report.

  • getReportsList: returns the list of scheduled reports.

  • getDownloadLinks: returns the download links for a report.

  • deleteReport: deletes the specified report and returns true on success or an error status code and error message on fail.

API url: https://YOUR-HOSTNAME/api/v1.0/jsonrpc/reports

Sandbox Analyzer Reports

Submitting a sample for analysis will automatically generate a Sandbox report.

To download the report, follow these steps:

  1. In your SIEM, access the Sandbox Analyzer Detection notification of the event for which you want the report.


    To access Sandbox Analyzer Detection notifications, you must first enable them using the setPushEventSettings method.

  2. Get the submissionId from the sample.

  3. Run this command (the settings you have to edit are underlined):

    curl -f0 -u "YOUR_API_KEY:" CONTROL_CENTER_APIs_ACCESS_URL/v1.0/http/downloadSandboxReport?submissionId=62963f0c1c2c9865ef16af14>sandboxReport.html