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The Network API allows managing the network structure through the following methods:

  • getContainers : returns the network containers.

  • getEndpointsList: returns returns the list of endpoints under the specified company or group.

  • getManagedEndpointDetails: returns the properties of the specified endpoint.

  • createCustomGroup: creates a new custom group.

  • deleteCustomGroup: deletes a custom group.

  • moveCustomGroup: moves a custom group under another custom group.

  • moveEndpoints: moves the specified list of endpoints to a custom group.

  • deleteEndpoint: deletes a specified endpoint.

  • setEndpointLabel: sets a label to an endpoint.

  • getNetworkInventoryItems: returns network inventory items.

  • createScanTask: launches a scan task on the specified endpoints or groups. The available scan types are: Quick Scan, Full Scan, Memory Scan and Custom Scan.

  • createReconfigureClientTask: creates a new Reconfigure agent task.

  • createScanTaskByMac: generates scan tasks for managed endpoints identified by MAC address.

  • getScanTasksList: returns the list of scan tasks.

  • assignPolicy : this method is used to assign a policy template on thespecified endpoints or containers.

API URL: https://YOUR-HOSTNAME/api/v1.0/jsonrpc/network/{service}

{service} is a placeholder that can hold specific values depending on the chosen API method. Please check the method documentation for the allowed services.