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How to export the scan log of Bitdefender Virus Scanner

This article shows how to export the scan log after scanning your Mac with Bitdefender Virus Scanner.


To find the Bitdefender Virus Scanner scan log, follow the steps below:


1. Click on Finder at the bottom left of the Dock (Finder is the icon that looks like a blue square with a smiley face). 

Use Finder to locate the Bitdefender Virus Scanner scan log

2. Next, click Go at the top left of the screen, on the menu bar.

Click on Go to start searching for the Virus Scanner scan log

3. Hold down the Shift ⇧ key on your keyboard, and you will see that a Library item will appear.


4. Click on the Library item and then access the Containers folder.


5. Go to the following path inside the Containers folder:

com.bitdefender.BitdefenderVirusScanner > Data > Library > Application Support > Bitdefender Virus Scanner > Logs.


6. In the Logs folder you will have all the required logs. You need these two files:



Bitdefender Virus Scanner scan log


NOTE: The above steps apply to Bitdefender Virus Scanner. If you are using Bitdefender Virus Scanner Plus, refer to this article instead. To learn how to export a Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac scan log, check out this article.

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