what is Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Root cause analysis (RCA) is the process of discovering the origin/root cause for security events to identify vulnerabilities and deploy strategic measures to effectively contain and limit the impact within pre-defined risk tolerance. Looking beyond the superficial cause and effect, RCA can provide insights to understand threat proliferation patterns and help guide the response and recovery efforts.

Cyber-attackers are known to exploit common infection vectors and vulnerabilities to compromise defenses, gain access and maintain persistence within the organization's network.

Bitdefender RCA can highlight affected processes and compromised vulnerabilities that contribute to a security breach. It provides security teams with the necessary information for putting the pieces of the puzzle together and diagnosing the root cause, thereby stopping any ongoing incident that may leave the organization vulnerable to additional attacks. 

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  • Visualize telemetry
  • Assess malware behavior
  • Deploy targeted remediation
root cause analysis visualisation

Achieve enhanced visibility into cyberattack proliferation

Bitdefender’s multi-layered protection monitors the attack lifecycle in real-time and provides visual evidence to empower security teams to carry out an efficient investigation.

An activity timeline with a suspected root cause is graphically outlined by correlating and combining historical events of identified threats and malicious leads flagged by our advanced machine learning technology.

understand malware activities

Understand behavioral patterns and identify compromised assets

It's critical to have visibility of the ongoing cyberattack and understand the impact. Bitdefender solutions deliver an overview of an attack’s evolution, from the initial attack vector to the ultimate compromise, and logs movement in real-time.

Based on the detected indicators of compromise, threat hunts can be proactively carried out to determine the spread throughout the IT environments.

take remediation actions on cyberattack’s root causes

Quickly identify the root cause for cyberattacks and mitigate security risks

Bitdefender machine learning provides intuitive insights into the probable root cause of every security event. Customers can clearly visualize the impact, understand behavior and quickly deploy tools to thwart cybercriminals from achieving their objectives.

quickly identify incidents root causes

Rapid root cause analysis

Bitdefender offers complete incident event visibility and interactive tools to investigate cyberattacks from a single console.

Using integrated technologies, security teams can visually trace the entry point of malware and use open source intelligence tools to investigate further with just a few clicks of a button.

mitigate risks before incidents

Reduce risk at the source

Malicious processes and probable root causes are highlighted for security teams to quickly engage and prevent cyberattacks in real-time.

 Security teams can easily visualize and deploy remediation tools to fortify defenses and secure high-risk assets against modern cyberattacks. It enables organizations to achieve and effectively maintain their cyber hygiene standards.

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Industry Recognition

Bitdefender is recognized by industry analyst firms and independent testing organizations.

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