How do I use Bitdefender Anti-Theft?

Bitdefender Anti-Theft allows you to take certain measures in order to retrieve a stolen device. If recovering a device is impossible, the user also has the possibility to send a WIPE command, effectively erasing everything on its storage. 

To access the Anti-Theft features, follow these steps:

1. Go to Bitdefender Central and sign into your account.

2. Access My Devices.

Anti-Theft 1

3. Click the name of your lost device from the list.

4. In the upper part of the window, click on Anti-Theft.

5. Select the feature you want to use:

• LOCATE: See the current location of your lost device on Google Maps. The device you want to locate must be connected to the Internet.

Note: If the device is connected to a wired LAN with no Wi-Fi available, the location will be determined based on the IP address, which is considerably less accurate


• Show IP: Display the last known IP address for this device.


• LOCK: Lock your lost device and set an alphanumeric password to unlock it if your Windows account doesn’t have a password. If you forget the password, click again LOCK in the Anti-Theft screen, then choose a new password.


If the Windows account of the lost device already has a password, use an administrator account password to unlock the PC.


• WIPE: Delete everything from your computer, including Windows.

IMPORTANT! The WIPE action is irreversible. Use it only if your device has been stolen, to ensure that the data will not be used by the thieves.


• ALERT (available only for Android devices): Send a remote alert on the device.


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