What do I need to know before activating IPv6?

The first step you need to take before enabling IPv6 is to make sure that your ISP provides IPv6 connectivity. To check that, you can either contact your ISP and ask if they support IPv6, or connect the ISP cable (if possible) directly to a laptop or computer and check if you receive at least one IPv6 address.

If your ISP supports IPv6 and you use a router between your Internet connection and your Bitdefender BOX, check that the router has the IPv6 function enabled. To do so, go to the router’s configuration interface (usually accessible via a webpage) and check for the IPv6 setting. Make sure it’s enabled; alternatively, you can connect a device directly to the router, in order to check if an IPv6 address is received. Once you receive an IPv6 address on your device, you can check that the feature is properly working by accessing a website dedicated to testing IPv6 functionality, such as

If you have all conditions above fulfilled, you are able to use IPv6 with your Bitdefender BOX. If your ISP or router doesn’t support IPv6, you can contact your ISP or your router manufacturer for more details.

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