How to use the new Quick Actions in Bitdefender 2019

One of the main improvements in the Bitdefender 2019 interface is the implementation of Quick Actions. These allow the user to easily access almost any product feature from the Bitdefender Dashboard, without having to navigate to a particular module. For example, adding SYSTEM SCAN as a quick action will allow you to start a full scan from the dashboard, without having to navigate to the Antivirus module.

In total, there are four configurable Quick Actions in Bitdefender 2019. These can be replaced at any time. Thus, if you decide that you don’t need System Scan as a Quick Action, you can replace it with another one.

Here are the features that can be added as Quick Actions:

• Quick Scan

• System Scan

• Vulnerability Scan

• Wi-Fi Security Scan

• Wallets

• Safepay


• File Shredder

• File Vaults

• OneClick Optimizer

• Startup Optimizer

• Disk Cleanup

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