GravityZone network traffic analytics sensor data

Bitdefender NTA, or Network Sensor, uses a combination of machine learning and behavior analytics with insights from Bitdefender cloud threat intelligence to detect threats for all entities, managed or unmanaged, for encrypted or un-encrypted network traffic. 

The Network Sensor provides security events information to the GravityZone XDR Event Correlation Engine, complementing the endpoint and another non-endpoint telemetry for enhanced threat detection and incident visibility at an organizational level. 

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identify advanced cyber attacks

Detect advanced threats in real-time

Initial access techniques use various entry vectors to gain their foothold within a network.

Techniques include targeted spear-phishing and exploiting weaknesses of various devices connected to the network. NTA provides insights into threat-related network activity for any device on the network. 

Complete visibility on cyber incidents

Get 360 degrees visibility and cyber threats insights 

Gaining quick and comprehensive visibility on security events across the entire environment reduces investigation time and speeds up the incident response.

The events information obtained from the network sensors complements another endpoint/non-endpoint telemetry source and allows GravityZone Event Correlation Engine to build an organizational view of each security incident.

protection across your network for all endpoints types

Protect IoT & BYOD 

The Network Traffic Analysis component enables GravityZone to learn & track all entities connected to the corporate environment.

It provides organizations with an effective option to detect malicious activities that are affecting endpoints that cannot be protected by using an agent (like IOT) or that are not under the direct management of corporate IT (like BYOD)

EDR to XDR with Network Traffic Security Analytics

Evolve from EDR to XDR

Bitdefender enables customers to gradually adopt security technologies and implements an adaptable security architecture that can evolve as the organization's security requirements are evolving. 

For a customer that started by implementing the endpoint security stack (eXtended EDR), one effective next step is to add the network telemetry to start enjoying the benefits of a full XDR security platform. 

network hardening

Detect Lateral Movement

Cybercriminals move laterally to invade and control remote systems on a network. Post asset discovery, attackers either look to spread the infection or gain elevated privileges.

Adversaries might also install custom tools using legitimate credentials with native network and operating system tools. Our patented technology can harden endpoint defenses by providing an additional layer of security. 

network protection against the most complex cyber attacks

Increased protection against Crimeware

As the sophistication of Cybercrime increases, it is increasingly difficult for point solutions to detect complex attacks. 

The Network Traffic Analytics complements endpoint-based security technologies and provides visibility into the attack techniques that managed to elute other security mechanisms.

Augment network security with  GravityZone Business Security Enterprise

GravityZone Business Security Enterprise

GravityZone Business Security Enterprise combines the world’s most effective Protection with eXtended Endpoint Detection and Response (XEDR) capabilities to help you defend your endpoint infrastructure (workstations, servers, or containers) throughout the threat lifecycle, with high efficacy and efficiency.

Protect your network devices with GravityZone EDR

GravityZone EDR

Monitors networks to uncover suspicious activity early and provides the tools to fight off cyber-attacks. Threat visualizations guide investigations and maximize the ability to respond directly.

Industry Recognition

Bitdefender is recognized by industry analyst firms and independent testing organizations.

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