Cloud Risk Visibility

Inventory your cloud assets, find and prioritize misconfigurations and over privileged identities to lower risk.

Compliance Mapping

Eliminate high-effort manual efforts to quickly surface problematic configurations based on your compliance needs.

Threat Detection and Response

Detect threats and leverage actionable, human-readable outcomes in the graphical Incident Advisor.

Capabilities & Benefits

full cloud visibility

Visibility Into Your Cloud Footprint

The first step in managing your cloud platform and identity posture is simply understanding what’s there.


Misconfiguration listing

Resolve Misconfigurations

Automate and highlight the most serious misconfigurations affecting your cloud security posture.


risky identities platform view

Uncover Risky Identities

An intuitive mapping and details so you can correct over-privileged accounts associated with people and objects and limit the blast radius of a breach before it happens. 


GravityZone CSPM+ - Compliance view

Accelerate Compliance

Agentless scanning which provides actionable outcomes based on a variety of compliance frameworks to focus your teams.

GravityZone CSPM+ - Cloud Detection Response view

Cloud Detection and Response

GravityZone XDR Cloud monitors AWS, Azure, Google Cloud for security threats, detects suspicious activities such as encryption removal, flags anomalies, and login failures, consolidating cloud and other threat signals to form the full attack picture.

  • 01

    Robust Assessments

    A broad set of rules and compliance regimes across a wide variety of cloud resources so your teams can focus on building value using cloud platforms.

  • 02

    Simplified Time to Value

    Agentless approach means you will see results in minutes, and continue to without constant maintenance.

  • 03

    Broad Security Scope

    Experts and non-experts benefit from human-readable and actionable Threat Detection results presented in Incident Advisor.

  • 4

    Completes Cloud Native

    Outcome-oriented philosophy with powerful GravityZone CSPM+ tools to compliment your cloud workload security.

Cloud Native Security Solutions

Cloud and Server Security

Secure cloud workloads anywhere with high performance, platform-agnostic security built for dynamic cloud environments.



GravityZone Security for Containers

Security built for containers and Linux workloads in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.



Cloud Native Security

Combining Cloud Workload Security and Cloud Security Posture Management in a single platform delivers prevention, protection, detection and response capabilities across complex, multi- hybrid-cloud environments.



Security That’s Consistently Recognized Across Independent Evaluations

Most #1 Placements in AV-Comparatives Enterprise Tests

Based on results in Real-world Protection Test, Malware Protection Test, Advanced Threat Protection Test, Endpoint Protection and Response Test, 2021-2023.

AV Comparative - Bitdefender tops competition

Best Protection. Best Performance for Business Users

Bitdefender GravityZone Endpoint Security received the AV-TEST Award 2023 for Best Protection and Best Performance in the business users category.

avtest award - best protection, best performance

100% detection and highest level of description 3 years in a row

Bitdefender detected 100% of attack steps in the 2023 MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK Evaluations, while providing the highest possible level of description.

mitre award - highest detection rate
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What is CSPM+ used for?

Public cloud environments have many configurations which are used to adjust how the platform behaves, including the permissions assigned to identities (roughly user or service ‘accounts’).

The rapid pace of cloud is valuable to teams that build and deliver applications and functionality quickly to keep their organization ahead of others. That same rapid pace can lead to problems if there are some overlooked misconfigurations or identities with too many privileges.

CSPM+ steps-in to automate the burden of continuously evaluating the cloud platform configurations of an organization to help them reduce risk, accelerate compliance, and identify threats, enhancing the prevention and detection and response posture of the organization. 

Is CSPM+ part of GravityZone?

Yes. The underlying technology was a key part of the Bitdefender acquisition of Horangi.

Due to the modular architecture of both GravityZone and the Horangi technologies, integration was very quick. 

Does CSPM+ include CIEM?

Yes. CSPM+ licenses include the features of CSPM, CIEM, and Threat Detection and Response included.

Why is there a plus on ‘CSPM+’?

Early Cloud Security Posture Management solutions covered cloud asset discovery and platform configuration. CSPM+ adds Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM), automated assessment against compliance frameworks, and Threat Detection and Response.

Is this the first release of this technology?

While CSPM+ is new to GravityZone, the technology has a proven track record.

The underlying technology has been deployed in many environments, ranging from large organizations (25K+ employees) to small, agile start-ups, for several years, and has been mentioned in a number of Gartner reports under the Horangi Warden name. 

Proven. Unsurpassed Cybersecurity Effectiveness.

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