Unique, highly curated and enriched intelligence

threat intelligence landscape

Bitdefender delivers accurate intelligence with added-value contextual insights focused on attack information.

The threat data is collected from its global network of hundreds of millions of sensors, as well as the technology licensing ecosystem and turned into actionable insights, enabling customers to understand and respond to security threats even before they emerge.

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alerts triage

Effective alert triage

Determine the severity of a cyber threat by prioritizing the stream of alerts and accurately differentiate between benign and dangerous situations.

incident response

Accelerated incident response

Enhance incident response and forensic capabilities to mitigate the latest sophisticated threats for your organization.

Proactively uncover attacks

Proactively uncover attacks

Empower threat hunt missions with accurate, detailed sources of information on the threat actors most likely to penetrate your business environment.

Features & Benefits

threats insights

Fend off attacks before they’re even launched with unique insights into hard-to-catch APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats) and C2 Servers (Command and Control) feeds.

Access the threat-centric real-life data identified and processed by Bitdefender’s global install base and its award-winning anti-malware, anti-spam, anti-phishing and anti-fraud technologies.

cyber threat intelligence

Leverage our premium cyber-threat intelligence with real-life threats gathered from one of the widest array of sources that include web crawling systems, email traps, honeypots, monitored botnets, data shared with industry partners and law enforcement agencies, and a virtual machine farm that executes over 200,000 malware samples per day.

labs data

Augment your security capabilities with the expertise of Bitdefender Cyber-Threat Intelligence Labs, a global R&D leader in tests and investigation, with over 100 patents issued for core technologies in the past three years alone. Our 800+ researchers and developers take a layered approach to cybersecurity, using artificial intelligence, deep learning and anomaly-based detection to ensure the accuracy of our threat intelligence feeds.

Threat intelligence platform

Bitdefender IntelliZone is an easy-to-use solution designed to assist security professionals in proactively identifying, monitoring, and mitigating cyber-threats. The Threat Intelligence portal consolidates all the knowledge we've gathered regarding cyber threats and the associated threat actors into a single pane of glass for the security analysts, including access to Bitdefender’s next-generation malware analysis service.

cyber threat insights

Bitdefender Advanced Threat Intelligence seamlessly integrates with top threat intelligence platforms (TIPs), SIEMs and SOAR applications, including Anomali, ThreatQuotient, ThreatConnect. The integrations are implemented to take advantage of each platform-specific features, freeing the user from configuring or managing any API changes.

Bitdefender Advanced Threat Intelligence Solution



Collecting data from the entire Bitdefender technology stack, including the Network Sandbox Analyser as well as the cyber-security partners, global law enforcement agencies, and the Global Protective Network (GPN) of hundreds of million machines, the Bitdefender Advanced Threat Intelligence solution delivers top-rated threat information.

how advanced threat intelligence works

Industry Recognition

Bitdefender is recognized by industry analyst firms and independent testing organizations.

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Q. What are the sources for collecting the data in the Bitdefender Advanced Threat Intelligence solution? 

A: Bitdefender Advanced Threat Intelligence data is collected from a large variety of sources such as the award-winning anti-spam, anti-phishing and anti-fraud technologies, Bitdefender’s global install base of hundreds of million endpoints, dark web monitoring services, web crawling systems, email traps, honeypots and data from monitored botnets, advanced heuristics techniques and content analysis as well as extensive collaboration with other cybersecurity players, international organizations and law enforcement agencies.

Q. What does the Bitdefender Advanced Threat Intelligence solution include?

A: The Bitdefender Advanced Threat Intelligence solution includes contextual information around file hashes, IPs, APT/malware/phishing domains, URLs, vulnerabilities, etc.

Q. Is the Bitdefender Advanced Threat Intelligence solution integrated with TIPs/SIEMs/SOARs 

A: Yes, Bitdefender Advanced Threat Intelligence is integrated with the main TIPs and SIEMs.

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