Managing Cyber Risk In Energy & Utilities

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Prevent Malware and Ransomware Attacks

Keep your entire network and range of assets safe from malware infections and ransomware outbreaks using Bitdefender’s adaptive protection and continuous risk assessment. Safeguard your critical infrastructure with utilities and energy cybersecurity solutions that draw billions daily threat queries from hundreds of millions sensors worldwide to prevent threats from bypassing security layers.

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Unify and Elevate Endpoint Security

Count on a single-console solution that enables prevention, detection, response and risk analytics for attacks targeting your endpoints. Equip your team with industry-leading pre- and post-compromise visibility, root cause analysis, investigation, threat hunting and remediation tools. Plus, Bitdefender GravityZone identifies risky user actions so you can harden vulnerable endpoints and provide preventive training.

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Gain System-wide Visibility and Context

Managing security risks in the oil and gas sector and other utilities infrastructures demands full system visibility and controls. Use the Bitdefender organization-wide risk dashboard to assess application- and user-generated vulnerabilities, access context for IoCs and MITRE attack techniques and highlight critical attack paths. Reduce the attack surface with continuous risk assessments that expand your perspective and guide your team.

Integrated Cybersecurity for Energy and Utilities

  • Security Gaps
  • IT Overload
  • Too Many Vulnerabilities
Security Gaps

Modernize Your Cybersecurity Setup

Replace expensive legacy solutions that underperform in detection and response and crash your endpoints. Bitdefender eliminates inconsistent updates and covers all assets, including workstations, servers, virtual machines, CAD, ERP and other software. With an integrated security stack, you have instant breach response, continuous risk assessment, efficient updates and adaptive protection.

IT Overload

Streamline Workflows & Optimize Protection

When complex security tasks and requests take up too much time, everything suffers. With too many overlapping security tools and tedious management, inefficiencies add up. Bitdefender’s single console streamlines management and frees up senior staff for strategic projects. Make it easy for your team to implement additional hardening layers for maximum protection without extra staff.

Too Many Vulnerabilities

A Comprehensive, End-to-end Approach

When downtime can leave your customers without energy, fuel or heat, you need reliable risk mitigation that covers everything. Bitdefender enables greater hardening with 30+ adaptive layers that automatically stop 99% of attacks. Add the ability to contain threats and tunable machine learning and you have unmatched protection that helps you keep up with oil and gas cyber security standards.

Industry Recognition

Bitdefender is recognized by industry analyst firms and independent testing organizations.

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Christopher Shelton- Bitdefender testimonial

GravityZone’s layered security adds so much value because it handles antivirus, antimalware, firewall and machine learning all in one solution. Using the cloud portal, it’s easy to see everything and selectively block and unblock websites by department and set custom firewall policies.”

Christopher Shelton

IT Director, Advanced Cabling Systems
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