Stop Advanced Threats with Layered Endpoint Security

Detect Sophisticated and Targeted Attacks

Facing sophisticated attacks that are proliferating fast, organizations need endpoint security that adapts to the threat landscape, identifying and blocking never-before-seen malware and ransomware.

Patented machine learning technologies combined with the ability to monitor the behavior and detect attack techniques let GravityZone detect, prevent and block threats that traditional endpoint/next-gen AV defenses miss.

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comprehensive layered

Comprehensive Layered Security

Layered security means better security. Identify and prevent even never-before-seen threats with a comprehensive set of technologies including machine learning, anti-exploit, application and content control, and process inspector.

identify threats

Identify Threats Without Slowdowns

With telemetry from hundreds of millions of systems and a global intelligence cloud and 30+ machine learning technologies, Bitdefender prevents and detects threats without causing slowdowns for users.

simplified security

Simplified Security Management for Scalability

Delivered as a virtual appliance, GravityZone is easily deployed and can scale to protect any number of endpoints, with redundancy and high availability built-in.

Capabilities & Benefits

process inspector

Bitdefender Process Inspector is a behavior anomaly detection technology that provides protection against never-before-seen threats in the on-execution stage.

endpoint control and hardening

Bitdefender Endpoint Protection includes many features working together to reduce the attack surface: Patch Management, Full Disk Encryption, Web Threat Protection, Firewall, Application & Device Control.

advanced anti-exploit

The Bitdefender Memory Protection layer protects against known and unknown exploits targeting browser and application vulnerabilities in the on-execution stage.

hyperDetect™ blocks attacks at pre-execution

Bitdefender HyperDetect contains machine learning models and stealth attack detection technology. It forms an additional layer of security, specifically designed to detect advanced attacks and suspicious activities in the pre-execution stage.

sandbox analyzer

Bitdefender Sandbox Analyzer provides pre-execution detection of advanced attacks by automatically sending files that require further analysis to the cloud sandbox, then takes remediation action based on the findings.

endpoint detection and response

With fast alert triage and incident investigation using attack timeline and sandbox findings, EDR enables incident response teams to react fast and stop ongoing attacks.

Industry Recognition

Bitdefender is recognized by industry analyst firms and independent testing organizations.

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  • Gartner Customer Choice 2024
  • Mitre Engenuity
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What does unified security mean?

Bitdefender GravityZone has been architected from the ground up as a unified security management platform across physical, virtualized and mobile environments.

The solution comprises the following integrated components:

  •  GravityZone Control Center - A centralized management platform that provides the single point of security management across the organization.
  •  GravityZone Security for Workstations and the endpoint agent - Works on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.
  •  Security for Virtualized Environments (SVE) - Protects virtualized Windows and Linux guest systems, running on VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, or any other virtualization platform.
  •  Security for Mobile Devices - Enables secure BYOD adoption with easy delivery and control of mobile device security for effective administration.

Is GravityZone SVE service mandatory or can I choose any security services?

GravityZone is 100% modularized. This means that you can choose what services you want to license, with the needed number of units per each one. Even when GravityZone is delivered as a virtual appliance, its deployment is not constrained by SVE service activation. However, if you already run or plan to deploy virtualization projects, we recommend you implement Security for Virtualized Environments (SVE).

Does GravityZone support a mixed virtualized environment?

Yes, with Security for Virtualized Environments service,  you can manage all types of virtualization scenarios from a single point of management. GravityZone Control Center is integrated with VMware vCenter and Citrix XenCenter, and also supports many other virtualization platforms, like Microsoft Hyper-V, KVM, RedHat Enterprise Virtualization, or Oracle Virtualization.

What are the minimum hardware requirements?

- Workstations: Intel® Pentium compatible processors, 2 GHz or faster - Microsoft Windows desktop OSes; Intel® Core 2 Duo, 2 GHz or faster Apple M1 – macOS
- Servers: Minimum: Intel® Pentium compatible processors, 2.4 GHz Servers Recommended: Intel® Xeon multi-core CPU, 1.86 GHz or faster - Microsoft Windows Server OSes and Linux OSes

What is the licensing model?

GravityZone Security for Workstations is part of Gravity Zone Business Security, Gravity Zone Business Security Premium and Gravity Zone Business Security. It can also be purchased a la carte.

Can I try before I buy?

Yes. With just a few clicks, you can get a 1-month free trial. Once the trial period ends, you will need to purchase the solution for continued use.