Advanced Cybersecurity Threat Detection

HyperDetect - Machine Learning cybersecurity module

HyperDetect is a security layer that improves defenses against advanced threats such as fileless attacks, targeted attacks, suspicious files, network traffic, exploits, ransomware, and grey ware.

HyperDetect uses machine learning and heuristic analysis to identify threats traditional antimalware modules miss, and to pinpoint infections and malware obfuscation techniques. It allows administrators to adjust granularity levels of the machine learning engines in detecting different threats to suit the context and risk profile of their organization. This lets customers detect high-probability, high-impact attacks while minimizing false positives on lower-risk threats.

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  • Reinforce Defenses
  • Secure Files and Attachments
Customizable machine learning protection

HyperDetect is customizable to meet the individual needs of an organization by risk tolerance and organization vertical.

It reinforces security with advanced heuristic analysis throughout the entire security framework while expediting and streamlining security operations with a reduced number of false positives.  

protect all your files and email attachments

HyperDetect contains machine learning models and stealth attack detection technology. An additional layer of security protection, HyperDetect uncovers and analyzes embedded code in files or attachments, obfuscated scripts, web content, and URLs that may bypass static and native defenses.

It either flags the malicious processes and system events or promptly blocks them on execution based on the configured cybersecurity posture of the organization.  

Use machine learning security to prevent APTs

Prevent Breaches Early

Organizations are constantly at risk of outbreaks and breaches caused by advanced persistent threats (APTs) since they can bypass signatures, heuristics, and rudimentary machine learning technologies. HyperDetect is designed to detect and stop these cybersecurity threats early before they execute on the endpoint.  

detect suspicious activities and prevent breaches

Fileless Attack Detection

Bitdefender HyperDetect extracts meanings and instructions from command lines and scripts to work in conjunction with on-access and on-execution technology for fileless attacks.

It runs behavior analytics and correlates suspicious behavior generated by multiple processes. HyperDetect finds high-probability, high-impact attacks while minimizing false positives on lower-risk threats.  

Customizable machine learning cybersecurity process

Ease of Management

Bitdefender HyperDetect helps define the detection classifiers and remediation levels based on the security posture of the organization.

Administrators can customize defenses based on their organization’s threat profile, risk tolerance, and security needs. Exclusions can be quickly defined to reduce false positives and easy workflow management is set.  

Get HyperDetect with GravityZone Business Security Premium

GravityZone Business Security Premium

Safeguards your organization from sophisticated cyber-attacks like Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and ransomware with more than 30 layers of machine-learning-driven security technologies.  

Aquire HyperDetect with GravityZone Business Security Enterprise

GravityZone Business Security Enterprise

The ultimate in advanced protection, detection, response and risk analytics. Designed to address the entire threat lifecycle.  

Industry Recognition

Bitdefender is recognized by industry analyst firms and independent testing organizations.

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  • Gartner Customer Choice 2023
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machine learning cybersecurity - testimonial

“We were impressed with GravityZone Business Security Premium’s machine learning and sandbox analysis capabilities to help us detect and keep out advanced threats, such as file-less and zero-day attacks."

Johan Vorsterman van Oijen

Technical Project Lead, HAN
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Technical Brief


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Bitdefender HyperDetect Stops Fileless Attack at Pre-Execution