Eliminate vulnerabilities with automated patching

Eliminate vulnerabilitie

Strengthen security and reduce the risk of potential vulnerabilities in software, operating systems and applications with automated patch management.

With the GravityZone Patch Management module organizations can keep their operating systems and software applications up to date and enjoy a comprehensive view of the patch status across their entire Windows install base. The automated patching module delivers updates for an organization’s entire fleet of workstations, physical servers, or virtual servers.

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Prevent Advanced Attacks

Prevent Advanced Attacks

Unpatched vulnerabilities are responsible for as much as one-third of breaches.

The GravityZone Patch Management module keeps operating systems and applications up to date so you can stay ahead of threats

Achieve Compliance

Achieve Compliance

Automated patching can help ensure your organization’s compliance with key data security regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS and more.

Simplified Workflows

Flexible, Simplified Workflows

By supporting both automatic and manual patching, GravityZone Patch Management provides greater flexibility and efficiency for IT teams, across both on-site and remote environments.


With its highly flexible process, GravityZone Patch Management allows organizations to perform scheduled scanning for missing patches, different scheduling for security and non-security patches, specific vendor/product patching, and the ability to postpone reboot for patches that require a restart.

Detailed Patch Inventory

GravityZone Patch Management provides detailed information centering patches (CVE, BuletinID), quick deployment of missing patches and patch blacklisting – the ability to temporarily prevent the installation of patches that might break workflows.

Reporting and Notifications

Provides full visibility and control over the status of installed/missing/failed patches across all endpoints.

Bitdefender named a Leader in Endpoint Security

Bitdefender was named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Endpoint Security, Q4 2023, with the report noting “Bitdefender differentiates with its aggressive prevention-first mindset”.

Get the report and find out:

- How endpoint security is evolving to address modern threats and challenges

- Why it’s important to choose tools that prioritize prevention, extend the ability to do more with less, and provide a seamless transition to EDR and XDR

- Why Bitdefender was named a Leader and how the top 13 providers stack up

Bitdefender Layered Next Generation Endpoint Protection Platform

Unpatched operating systems and software applications leave organizations susceptible to malware, zero-day threats and data breaches. GravityZone Patch Management module enables organizations to keep their operating systems and applications up to date across the entire Windows install base – including workstations, physical servers and virtual servers.

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Industry Recognition

Bitdefender is recognized by industry analyst firms and independent testing organizations.

  • Gartner logo
  • Forrester
  • Gartner Customer Choice 2024
  • Mitre Engenuity
  • AV Test
  • AV Comparatives

“We evaluated Bitdefender’s EDR and Patch Management solutions as a pre-beta site. Bitdefender’s software development and customer support teams listened closely to our suggestions and we’ve been pleased with future releases and road map changes. It’s been a great experience working with Bitdefender.”

Lance Harris

Chief Information Security Officer, Esurance

What is patch management?

Patch management is the practice of reviewing, understanding, testing, deploying and reconciling the deployment state for software product updates. It helps security professionals identify risks and vulnerabilities within their systems and improves the stability of an organization’s IT infrastructure.

Why do I need automated patch management?

With IT and security teams often stretched for time, many organizations struggle to consistently deploy patches and security updates for all their operating systems and applications in a timely manner. Unpatched vulnerabilities increase the risk of a data breach, especially in a work from a home scenario where employee endpoints are no longer behind enterprise-grade hardware appliances designed to prevent exploits at the network layer. Automated patch management enables organizations to stay ahead of threats by ensuring that the latest security patches and updates are always installed quickly and efficiently.

How can I get GravityZone Patch Management?

GravityZone Patch Management is an optional add-on module to any of Bitdefender’s GravityZone endpoint security solutions. It is available for purchase online or through one of our trusted partners.

Contact us for more details.

What are the minimum requirements?

The GravityZone Patch Management module is compatible with all Microsoft Windows desktop and server operating systems supported by Bitdefender’s GravityZone endpoint security solutions, beginning with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 R2.

Please check system requirements for GravityZone endpoint security products.

What vendors and products are supported?

GravityZone Patch Management supports a vast array of software solutions. Check out the full list of supported vendors and products on our business support page.

GravityZone Patch Management console

GravityZone Patch Management module is managed from the same GravityZone console that customers use today, for both GravityZone cloud and on-premises deployments.

GravityZone Patch Management compatibility

Patch Management module is compatible with all Microsoft Windows Desktop and Server operating systems supported by the endpoint protection products, starting with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 R2. Please check system requirements for GravityZone endpoint security products.

Check out the full list of supported vendors and products on our business support dedicated page.

Patch Management Datasheet

GravityZone Patch Management Datasheet

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The Forrester Wave™: Endpoint Security, Q4 2023

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