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Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Foundations is specifically designed to assist MSPs lacking in-house security experts, enabling them to provide the highest level of protection for their sensitive customers.

This comprehensive service equips MSPs with expert, human-led, targeted, and risk-based threat hunting, enhancing their capabilities in threat detection and response.

It operates as a true 24/7 detection and response service, effectively countering advanced persistent threats and minimizing the impact of attacks.

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XDR based technology

Best-in-Class Technology​

The service is built on the GravityZone XDR Platform, whose third-party test results and multitudes of OEM partners speak for themselves.​

around-the-clock operations service

24/7 Analyst-led Monitoring & Response​

Our analysts eliminate the operational overhead of managing security events by providing context-based responses and tactical recommendations to mitigate threats.​

data analysis

Threat Hunting​

We research cyber threats, geopolitical activity, and vertical-specific data trends and apply this knowledge to proactively hunt in your environment.​

Capabilities & Benefits

Minimizing the risk
Continuous Monitoring of the Security Threats
End-to-end response
Reduce Operational Burden on your IT Security Teams
Highly Trained Security Experts
One Unified Security Console
Licensing and Billing
Licensing and Billing
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Experience Our MDR Portal

In this interactive tour, you can explore various aspects of the MDR Foundations Portal and see exactly how our expert security analysts use it to keep you protected.

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Bitdefender MDR Operational Lifecycle


Bitdefender’s MDR service will harden your systems and prevent attacks across endpoints, network and cloud environments.

You’ll get the expertise you need to quickly investigate and respond to threats.

Detection and Response

Our service continuously collects host and network telemetry data, coupled with security analytics and automation, enabling proactive and responsive threat hunting, anomaly detection, and investigations.

Tailored Response for MSPs

Custom response actions, personalized to your needs, guarantee effective incident response while minimizing the risk of business interruptions.

Additionally, automated remediation actions reduce attacker dwell time, incorporating pre-approved actions to swiftly contain threats.


As an Managed Service Provider(MSP), comprehensive reporting is essential. Bitdefender provides monthly reports for a holistic view of your MDR service, facilitating transparency and accountability.

Investigation reports offer valuable insights to measure the impact on your customer business. Real-time dashboards provide analytics and insights into your customer environment's security posture, enabling informed decisions.

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“Bitdefender’s MDR offering gives me peace of mind. It’s been phenomenal how we no longer get bogged down with security investigations. The time our Level 3 engineers spend on security investigations had decreased from 20-30% to less than 10% of their time. This allows us to reallocate more resources to top-level technical support, one of our core functions."

Director and Founder, Blaze Networks

"Since moving to Bitdefender, we’ve avoided any breaches and detected and resolved any attempts to infiltrate our client environments. Because Bitdefender automatically looks after security and manages many processes, our service desk people have been freed up from malware removal."

Director of Operations, Grant McGregor

"Archdiocese finds safe haven from cybercrime with Bitdefender MDR "

Industry Recognition

Bitdefender is recognized by industry analyst firms and independent testing organizations.

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  • Forrester
  • Gartner Customer Choice 2024
  • Mitre Engenuity
  • AV Test
  • AV Comparatives

Integration And Technology Partners For Cloud And MSP Solutions

With more integrated solutions than any other security vendor, Bitdefender does more than understand the MSP community. We are part of it. We work with tools that you use every day.

cyber security technology integration

As an MSP, to which type of customers should I recommend MDR Foundations?

The service is the best fit for organizations of all sizes, that do not have internal IT teams or are lacking the ability to integrate the right tools, technologies, and security expertise to deliver a service that can detect and respond to threats.

What specific cybersecurity threats does MDR Foundations for MSPs address?

Our MDR Foundations service is tailored to protect against a range of cybersecurity threats that commonly target small and medium-sized businesses, including malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks.

We focus on the specific challenges faced by you and your clients.

What are the minimum requirements for MSPs to utilize this service effectively?

To effectively utilize our MDR Foundations service, you should be using GravityZone Cloud MSP Security with ATS and EDR add-ons.

These provide the essential foundation for advanced threat detection and response capabilities, enabling our MDR service to deliver its full potential in securing your and your clients' environments.

Bitdefender MDR service

Bitdefender MDR for MSP Datasheet

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