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Managed Detection and Response for MSPs

Bitdefender delivers threat hunting, detection and response as a managed service designed for MSPs. This helps MSPs lacking in-house security experts to offer the highest level of protection for sensitive customers and stop advanced persistent threats. 

Proactive Threat Hunting

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Bitdefender Managed Detection and Response for MSPs pairs award-winning detection and prevention engines with a modern 24x7x365 security operation center staffed by world-class, certified security experts. 

The cross-skilled SOC team has ‘eyes on the glass’ 24x7x365 to proactively seek out intruders.

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Proactive Protection

Industry-leading prevention technologies combined with threat hunting, threat intelligence and analytics to stay ahead of attacker TTPs.

Advanced Detection

Event correlation across endpoints and network and customized proactive monitoring of targets that pose a high cyber risk.  

Increased Operational Efficiency

Freeing internal security teams to refocus on strategic business initiatives like accelerating cloud migration and workforce mobility.

Capabilities & Benefits

Better Overall Security Posture and Outcomes 

Achieve better overall security outcomes by partnering with a top MDR service provider with tools, triage processes and a professional security team trained to identify and eradicate adversaries. Help your customers close their security gaps and free your team to focus on strategic initiatives with an outsourced SOC that works 24x7x365.

Minimizing the risk

By leveraging detection and response tools, organizations minimize the risk of a breach and the load on the security team by significantly reducing the number of alerts.

Continuous Monitoring of the Security Threats

The attack surface is more complex and difficult to secure. Threat actors work 24x7x365. Can your in-house security team do the same?  With Managed Detection and Response (MDR), we give our customers outsourced cybersecurity operations 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Faster Actions and Response

Attack monitoring, early attack detection, and fast attack mitigation are more important than ever to help businesses run efficiently and attain cyber resiliency. The MDR security experts work with no interruption to lessen the meantime to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR) to an incident and to reduce the attacker’s dwell time.

Reduce Operational Burden on your IT Security Teams

While the MDR analysts perform ongoing threat hunting and threat modeling, your IT teams have fewer alerts to triage and are able to focus on other IT operations that are important for your business.  

Highly Trained Security Experts

Our MDR services combine cybersecurity for endpoints, plus network and security analytics, with the threat-hunting expertise of a SOC fully staffed by security analysts from global intelligence agencies.

One Unified Security Console

All security services for MSPs, including MDR for MSPs are managed from the unified GravityZone console that consolidates all security policies and reports in a single platform for ease of management and provisioning for all customers.  

Licensing and Billing

MDR service comes on top of the core security solution for MSPs. You can choose between Expert Advice (experts monitor and recommend actions) and Expert Response (experts perform real-time changes in the customer’s environment when security incidents are identified, based on a pre-approved actions list). All MSPs security services are billed monthly. 

How Does Bitdefender MDR Work?

Data structure


Multiple security layers consolidate in a single management console, providing best-in-class detection, prevention and response.

Hardening and Risk Analytics

Risk Analytics

Web Threat Protection

Content Control

Device Control

Patch Management (add-on)

Full Disk Encryption (add-on)

Prevention, Behavior Monitoring, Remediation

Exploit Defense

Cloud Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms

Behavior Monitoring

Network Attack



Ransomware Mitigation (new)

Advanced Threat Security and EDR (add-ons)

Fileless Attack Defense

HyperDetect Tunable Machine Learning

Cloud Sandbox Analyzer

Attack Visualization and Forensics

Early breach detection

Guided investigation and response options

Managed Detection and Response (add-on service)

Expert Managed Incident Investigation

Proactive Threat Hunting

Effective Incident response or advice

Recommandation to improve security

Industry Recognition

Bitdefender is recognized as a cybersecurity leader by independent testing organizations, industry analyst firms and media outlets.

Integration And Technology Partners For Cloud And MSP Solutions

With more integrated solutions than any other security vendor, Bitdefender does more than understand the MSP community. We are part of it. We work with tools that you use every day.

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"Archdiocese finds safe haven from cybercrime with Bitdefender MDR "

As an MSP, how can I contract a Bitdefender MDR offer for my customers?

Contact your Bitdefender Distributor and ask them to provide you access to MDR service. They will enable your team to start offering the service to your end customers. Your team will be trained to enable the service within customers’ organizations and to train customers’ internal staff to use it. 

As an MSP, to which type of customers should I recommend MDR from Bitdefender?

MDR service is a best fit to organizations of all sizes, that do not have internal IT teams lacking the ability to integrate the right tools, technologies, and security expertise to deliver a service that can detect and respond to threats.  

On top of which Bitdefender solutions I can add MDR for MSPs?

Your customers should use the core solution GravityZone Cloud MSP Security plus ATS and EDR add-ons.