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Anti-exploit technology replacement in Bitdefender GravityZone

Publication date: 2019.11.19


Our mission is to protect your business from any threats that might put your endpoints at risk.

A new and enhanced anti-exploit technology is now available in GravityZone and started to roll out to all customers for better protection.

The exploit prevention technology protects the memory and vulnerable applications such as browsers, document readers, media files and runtime (ie. Flash, Java). Advanced mechanisms watch memory access routines to detect and block exploit techniques such as API caller verification, stack pivot, return-oriented-programming (ROP) and others.

When will it happen?

You are kindly asked to deploy this new technology as soon as you can, to replace the old anti-exploit functionality. Migrating to this new feature is seamless and raises no security risk. On the contrary, it will ensure a stronger protection.

What do you have to do?

  1. If using the on-premises version, make sure GravityZone is updated to version 6.9.1, at least.

  2. Install the Advanced Anti-Exploit module on deployed agents.

    1. In the Network page, select the target endpoints.

    2. From the Tasks menu, choose Reconfigure Client.

    3. Under Modules, choose Add and select Advanced Anti-Exploit.

    4. Save changes.

  3. Add the Advanced Anti-Exploit module to the installation packages.

    1. Go to the Packages page.

    2. Edit the package.

    3. Select Advanced Anti-Exploit.

    4. Save the changes.

You can adjust the module from the Antimalware > Advanced Anti-Exploit policy settings.


The old anti-exploit technology will be supported until March 31, 2020. To ensure uninterrupted protection, GravityZone will automatically replace old anti-exploit technology with the new one.

The sooner you adopt the new feature, the faster you ensure optimal protection against exploits.