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Uninstall tools for business products

Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools (Windows) v6.6.x, v7+

Guidelines for using the uninstall tool


Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools (Windows) up to v6.4.x and Endpoint Security by Bitdefender v5.x

Contact support

Bitdefender Endpoint Client v4 and Bitdefender Client Security 3.5 suite

Bitdefender Client Security products:

  • Bitdefender Business Client

  • Bitdefender Management Agent

  • Bitdefender Management Server (console) 3.5

  • Bitdefender Security for File Servers 3.5

  • Bitdefender Security for Mail Servers 3.5

  • Bitdefender Security for Sharepoint 3.5

Contact support


If the uninstall tool is used on the same machine which has Bitdefender Management Server installed, it will affect the existing product. For safety purposes, contact technical support or open a ticket.