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Bitdefender Tools support coverage statement

Publication date: 2018-03-01

This section covers the loss of compatibility between Bitdefender Tools and VMware NSX.


Security for Virtualized Environments (VM), a legacy product, used to extend the protection capability of the Security Server with a light agent installed on each virtual machine, called Bitdefender Tools.

Starting with VMware Tools 10.1.10, a deprecation of its APIs resulted in a loss of compatibility between Bitdefender Tools and the former suite of utilities. Additionally, this also makes Bitdefender Tools incompatible with VMware NSX.

Discarded features

The following Security for Virtualized Environments features are unavailable in VMware NSX:

• Apply file exclusions – Omit a specific file from scanning.

• Apply process exclusions – Omit certain processes from being scanned.

• Memory scanning - Check the programs running in the virtual machine's memory.

• Antimalware Event Notifications – Endpoint notification pop-ups about detected malware.


Should you require the full range of the above-mentioned features, consider migrating to GravityZone Security for Virtualized Environments (CPU, VDS, or VS) for Multi-Platform.