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End of life for Bitdefender MDR Advice and Response

Bitdefender’s services portfolio is continually evolving and improving to reflect the growing needs of Managed Security Providers and their customers.

On July 12 2022, Bitdefender launched Bitdefender MDR Foundations for MSPs, a service that provides 24/7 monitoring and response, threat intel-based hunting, and expert recommendations at an affordable price point.

Starting July 1st 2022, Bitdefender MDR for MSP Expert Advice and Expert Response will no longer be available for purchase. MSP partners will still be able to use the deprecated services for 12 months after activation. Because Bitdefender MDR Foundations includes a number of improvements on Advice & Response, we encourage you to transfer your customers to the new service. To do that, select Bitdefender MDR Foundations in the GravityZone console for your customers and you will be directed to the new flow.

Please contact your Account Manager or your Bitdefender Distributor for further information on Bitdefender MDR Foundations for MSPs service.