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GravityZone Cloud uptime SLA

This section provides information about ‘GravityZone Cloud’, a cloud based security solution, namely the solution’s guaranteed uptime, as per Bitdefender’s Service Level Agreement ("SLA").

Bitdefender aims to ensure maximum availability for its ‘GravityZone Cloud’, so that you can be able to fully use its resources at their entire capacity, without any unplanned interruptions.

Bitdefender uses cloud servers hosted in the Google Cloud Platform ("GCP") infrastructure, located worldwide. Our solution’s SLA ratio is 99.9% and GCP’s ratio is 99.9%. By SLA we refer to the uptime of the GravityZone Cloud console, excluding downtime triggered by any planned updates and maintenance operations, which are timely announced by email or through console notification(s).

As an important note, be advised that the protection managed by GravityZone is always active, including when the Cloud console might experience accessibility issues.