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BEST for Linux timeline update

As of end of July, 2021 Bitdefender has released the new Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools (BEST) for Linux v7 as part of our GravityZone product line, which provides extended protection capabilities as described in What is new in BEST for Linux v7.

BEST for Linux v7 brings a variety of new features, benefits and improvements including advanced prevention and detection technologies specifically designed to work against Linux oriented attacks. Additionally, due to no longer being reliant on kernel, we have eliminated all Linux version compatibility issues. Due to the fact that a full feature parity has not yet been achieved, both versions of BEST for Linux (v6 and v7) are still available and not all users have upgraded to the latest version.

Since it's launch, BEST for Linux v7 has received several updates, adding new features and capabilities and improving compatibility. Through constant updates, we are working to gradually move towards Feature Parity.


Bitdefender reserves the right to change the terms of this support policy at any time.

All changes will be communicated within a reasonable time-frame.

Limited Support (LS)

Starting today, 2021.10.14, BEST for Linux v6 will receive no longer receive full support. We will continue to provide the following services:

  • Security Updates

  • Critical fixes

  • Specific Bug fixes based on criticality


To fully benefit from the latest security technologies, Bitdefender recommends existing BEST v6 customers to migrate to our latest supported version BEST v7.

Feature Parity

As of version feature parity between versions 6 and 7 has been achieved. In the first week of April 2022, an automatic staged Migration/Product Update from BEST for Linux v6 to v7 will begin.BEST for Linux automatic migration FAQ

End of Access (EOA)

Manual installation of BEST for Linux v6 will be available until the end of Q4.

End of Standard Support (EOSU)

Once the migration is finished, we will continue to provide limited support for BEST for Linux v6, up until the end of Q4. After the end of Q4, we will no longer offer support for BEST for Linux v6.