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Migrating from Legacy to New Business Solutions

Thank you for your loyalty and for choosing the Newest Technology from Bitdefender.

As we understand that this is an important step for your business, this section shows you how to install your new GravityZone product and uninstalling your existing solution by following the steps below:

  1. Setting up the legacy console for upgrade

    The first step in the migration process is to make some adjustments to the current Bitdefender Management Console: disabling auto deployment and removing the Bitdefender uninstall password, if these two features are configured.

    Disabling auto deployment:


    This will prevent the management console from automatically deploying Bitdefender Endpoint protection on the workstations during the upgrade process.

    1. Open the management console and log-in using your password

    2. Access the Tools section from the upper part and select Automatic Deployment

    3. From the new window un-check Enable Automatic Deployment

    4. When done, press OK to save the changes.

    Removing the Bitdefender uninstall password:


    Performing this step will allow the new endpoint to remove the current antivirus version during the deployment phase.

    1. Go to Policies, Current policies and edit the Advanced settings policy


      If you do not have this policy configured, then it means the Bitdefender clients do not have an uninstall password.

    2. To edit this policy, first select it and click on Edit settings from the contextual menu

    3. Expand the Password menu and select the Remove option

    4. Save the changes when finished

    5. The status column on the right side will show you on how many endpoints the policy was applied. To make sure the password is removed from all workstations, you will need to wait for the policy to be applied on all of them.

  2. Setting up the new console

    After making sure the current Bitdefender clients are ready to be upgraded, we need to set up a machine to act as a Bitdefender deployer for the new Bitdefender client.

    This Bitdefender client is known as a Relay, and it will be used for the Network Discovery, the remote deployment, but can also act as an Update server. The Relay can be installed on any server or workstation from the network, however, we recommend deploying the Relay on a permanent machine from your network.

    Follow these steps to create and download a Relay Installation Package:

    1. Log-in to the console by accessing the Bitdefender Cloud Console URL from any supported Internet browser

    2. Go to Packages from the left menu and use the Add option to create a new installation package

    3. Provide a name for the package and, optionally, a description.


      We recommend using a suggestive name and description for each package, to help you identify which one you need in the future.

    4. Make sure the Relay option is checked, when creating the Relay Installation Package.

    5. Once finished with the package configuration, click on Save.

    6. When the package is saved, you can either download it on your machine, then transfer it to the target machine, or download it directly on the target machine.

    7. Selecting the Relay Package from the list will activate the Download button.

    8. From the drop down menu list, select Downloader for Windows.


      The downloader will automatically detect the operating system and install the appropriate version.

    Once the download is complete, you are ready to install the Bitdefender client. If you wish to install it on a different machine, then copy the file on the machine where you plan to have the Relay.

  3. Checking the Migration Chart - how tomigrate existing Bitdefender Legacy 3.5/3.6 deployments to GravityZone 2015 New Generation

    The GravityZone Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools (BEST) clientcan be deployed over most of the existing Bitdefender legacy solutions upgrading the antivirus software on the machine. Please see below a compatibility chart for your current Bitdefender solution.


    If you are using 2 Bitdefender products on the same machine please make sure you are checking both of them in the following list.

    BEST is compatible with

    (BEST client can be installed/deployed over it automatically uninstalling current solution):

    • Bitdefender Business Client (BBC) installed on the workstation

    • Endpoint Security (EPS) installed on the workstation

    • Bitdefender File Server (BDFS) installed on the server

    • Bitdefender Security for Exchange 2007/2010

    Bitdefender GravityZone Advanced Business Security provides both Antimalware protection as well as integration withMicrosoft Exchange 2007, 2010 and 2013.

    To perform this upgrade, you will need to create a BEST installation package with theExchange Role enabled in order for the upgrade process to complete successfully.

    In the end you will only have one client to protect both the physical/virtual machine as well as its Exchange role.

    Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security does not include protection for Microsoft Exchange mail servers.


    • If you are interested in using our new GravityZone Exchange protection you can upgrade to Bitdefender Advance Business Security. For more details on how to do this, please contact your partner/reseller/distributor or Bitdefender Sales Representative.

    • If you wish to keep the current protection for Exchange you will not be able to install BEST on that server. We recommend you to keep the current product that protects the Exchange role along with the antimalware protection software of your choice.

    • On the other hand, if you no longer wish to protect the Exchange role with Bitdefender, you can install BEST to protect the physical/virtual server after removing all Bitdefender products from the machine.

    BEST is not compatible with :

    (BEST client cannot be installed/deployed on the machines where the following product is present):

    • Bitdefender Security for Exchange 2003

    • Bitdefender Security for Mail Server (Windows)

    • Bitdefender Security for SharePoint

    The new Bitdefender GravityZone portfolio does not offer protection for Exchange 2003, SMTP Mail Server and Microsoft SharePoint.

    Thus, we recommend you to keep the current product that protects the Exchange, SharePoint or SMTP Mail Server along with the antimalware software of your choice (i.e. Bitdefender Security for File Servers). As a result, you should not decommission the Bitdefender Management Server (as instructed in the latest step of this section) so that you are still able to manage the legacy solutions until expiration.


    You can keep the legacy product with the same key until expiration. However, after that, if your product renewal consists in upgrading to GravityZone and you choose to keep the Security for Exchange, Mail Servers or SharePoint product as well, you will need a standalone key to register the product locally.

    On the other hand, if you no longer wish to protect the Exchange role, SharePoint role orSMTP Mail traffic on the server with Bitdefender, you can install BEST to protect the physical/virtual server after removing all Bitdefender products from the machine.

  4. Installing the relay

    Now, after checking the compatibility chart and preparing the installation package, you will need to choose a machine where you want to install the Relay and move/download the installation kit on it.

    When choosing the machine please also keep in mind that the Relay should not be installed on the machine where the current Management Console is running, as it will conflict with the Client Security Update Server.

    Once you have the installation file on the target machine, run it with administrator rights. The installer will automatically download the installation kit and start the deployment process. This download process can take some time, depending on your internet connection.

    If you are already using a legacy Bitdefender product on the machine, the setup wizard will detect an incompatible product that needs to be removed in order for the installation to continue. Follow the instructions bellow to remove the current version during the installation:

    1. When the installation wizard detects Bitdefender Management Agent select Continue to move forward with the installation.

    2. The Bitdefender Management Agent setup wizard will appear. To continue the uninstall process click Next and then Remove. Press Finish in order to complete the uninstall process.

    3. To complete the removal process a system reboot is needed.


      After reboot, the wizard continues the installation process. The existing endpoint solution will be detected as a competitor that needs to be uninstalled.

    4. Press Continue to start the removal process.

    5. This will automatically uninstall Endpoint Security and will install at the same time the new antivirus client.

    6. Press Finish, to complete the setup process.

    We will now switch to the GravityZone console. The relay will show in the console as "Managed" and will perform the automatic Network Discovery tasks in its network. Following these tasks, the rest of the computers from the network should appear in the Network list as Unmanaged.

    Should you want to, you can manually start the network discovery, by selecting the Relay and going to Tasks, then click on Network discovery. A new task will be created and its status is visible in the Tasks menu. Once the task is finished, you can view in the Network section, the unmanaged endpoints discovered.

  5. Preparing the workstations

    Before starting the deployment process, we advise you to check that your network computers meet our deployment requirements. Click on this link in order to view these requirements.

  6. Upgrading the endpoints

    Once the endpoints are prepared for deployment, follow these steps to proceed with the installation process:

    1. Access the Network section, Custom Groups and select from the list of unmanaged endpoints, one or more computers.

    2. After selecting the endpoints which will be the targets of the remote deployment process, go to Tasks and select Install.

    3. Select the option Automatically reboot,then input the username and password, for the account that has administrative rights and click Add.

    4. Select the credentials that you have just inputted.

    5. Next, select the Relay machine that is going to deploy the endpoint client on the target machines.

    6. From the drop down menu list, select the package you want to install on this machine and press Save.

    Following this process, a new task will be created in your Cloud Account and you can view its status, by accessing the Tasks section, under Network.

    When the installation is completed, the status of the task will change from Pending to Finished. By accessing the Network section you will notice that the machine on which we deployed BEST client, changed its state, from Unmanaged to Managed.

  7. Decommissioning the legacy console

    The last step in the migration process, is to de-commission the former Bitdefender Management Console:

    1. Go to Start > All Programs > Bitdefender Management Server and select Modify Repair or Uninstall

    2. Click on Next and then select Remove

    3. Check the option to uninstall the SQL instance and then select Remove

    4. Press Finish when the process is complete.